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    Bitcoin Black Friday allows all cryptocurrency

    Black Friday is on its way and its profile has risen a lot in recent years. Meanwhile, the same has happened with Bitcoin Black Friday. On Thursday, November 24, Americans and many other countries fire up smartphones, tablets, laptops and start searching Black Friday bargains. The credit card is commonly used, but for the past […] More

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    Belarus is on it’s way to legalized cryptocurrency

    In 2005, Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree. This decree represented the initiative to create an IT-focused special economic zone. Similar to Silicon Valley in the USA, the zone is referred to as the High-Tech Park (HTP). It is the only place in the country that provides tax benefits on a systematic basis. Thus, […] More

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    Shinhan decided to launch the bitcoin vault

    Shinhan is the second largest commercial bank in South Korea by market valuation and consumer base. This major South Korean bank decided to launch a bitcoin vault. And now it has initiated the testing phase of its bitcoin vault and wallet services. A representative of Shinhan Bank stated that the bank has come to a […] More

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    Philippines is considering regulating Bitcoin!

    After issuing regulations for the cryptocurrency industry earlier this year, Philippine authorities are considering further steps to expand the use of digital currencies like bitcoin in the country. According to The Manila Times, SEC Commissioner Emilio Aquino stated in a news conference in late November 2017 that the agency plans to consider virtual currencies as […] More

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    Parity intends to offer multiple solutions for the frozen wallets

    Three weeks ago, Parity saw $160 million in cryptocurrency code frozen, and still no solution has been found. According to coindesk, an escalating debate is developing on public chat channels about how to best correct the issue, and more notably, how to avoid resetting the history of the entire ethereum blockchain in what amounts to […] More

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    Bitcoin course in the most important university of North Korea

    According to, the students from the Pyongyang university have been given a crash course in cryptocurrencies (in particular bitcoin) — something that’s never happened before. It’s the first hard evidence of North Korea’s growing interest in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. While the course could be a normal opportunity given the current appeal of bitcoin, some […] More

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    Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is saying that Bitcoin is not legal

    Normal Mataruka (director of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe) has recently stated that Bitcoin was illegal and that the regulator would not allow its use in Zimbabwe. At present time, Bitcoin occupies a legal gray area in Zimbabwe. Because Bitcoin is an unregulated asset there, the government merely discourages its use due to lack of any […] More

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    Malaysian authorities plan to introduce regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies

    Recent reports say that the Malaysian government is preparing a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. Governor Muhammad Ibrahim stated in a financial summit that through the new regulatory framework, individuals that convert cryptocurrencies into fiat money will be declared “reporting institutions”. This would require financial institutions to properly audit each exchange from cryptocurrencies to fiat, in […] More

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    Ethereum studio ConsenSys opens European Hub in London

    Ethereum design studio ConsenSys is expanding its global physical presence by opening a hub in London, in the heart of the technology hotbed of “Silicon Roundabout”. According to, The London hub has space for 60 ConsenSys members and sponsored projects. The firm already has major hubs in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Dubai, Singapore […] More

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    Bitcoin and Ethereum pull the market up at a fast pace

    The cryptocurrency market reached $300 billion Sunday night for the first time ever as bitcoin and ethereum were unstoppable. According to CointCap, the market capitalization of the entire crypto-market stood at $303 billion by 12:30 a.m. ET. On Sunday, the two largest digital currencies on the market were flirting with big milestones of their own. […] More

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    Never keep your money or crypto on exchanges

         Using only a name and a phone number, hackers are able to compromise someone’s Google account and use it to get to that person’s bitcoins or bank account. This was showed to Forbes by the researchers from Positive Technologies.      Hackers can do this using a flaw in the global telecoms network, […] More

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