Acorn Collective makes crowdfunding free and open to any country

Acorn Collective is promoting social enterprise by providing free crowdfunding for any legal project in any country. It’s a huge and growing market in the West and a completely untapped market in developing countries. Furthermore, with all the presale tokens quickly sold, this is bound to be a success.

Even though crowdfunding is huge ($34b in 2015) and growing enormously year-on-year (up to $lt by 2025 ), very successful current platforms like Kickstarter are still charging fees, restrict many listings and omit some countries. They are just focusing on a narrow band of projects to maximise stakeholder returns. Acorn Collective wants to solve that by accepting any legal project from any country and do it for free. They will focus on wide adoption and easy access in order to maximise the OAK token embracement.

In order to achieve this, Acorn Collective is building a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that is free-to-use. Acorn Collective will comprise of:

-Acorn Crowdfunding hub – free and open to any legal project from any country, uses OAK.

-Acorn Secondary marketplace – to sell post-crowdfunding goods & services, using OAK.

-Acorn Point-of-sale payments app, using OAK.

-Campaign services for projects on Acorn platforms, paid for in OAK.

The Acorn Hub

It connects project founders and project backers with minimal central intervention. The vision is for the Acorn Hub to be the centerpiece of the OAK ecosystem, on which founders create their crowdfunding campaigns. Backers use OAK to fund these campaigns in return for rewards (and possibly equity in the future). In effect, Acorn leave it up to the community and its collective wisdom to decide which projects are worthy of their support. Uniquely for crowdfunding, Acorn guiding principle is minimal intervention. The platform should encourage users’ creativity by keeping rules, requirements and intervention to a minimum.

Acorn Marketplace

It bridges the gap between campaign and future profitability. The Acorn Marketplace will be a post-campaign retail platform for goods and services that were successfully funded on The Acorn Hub, provided at no additional cost to Acorn founders. This will provide instant visibility while letting founders get a free and effective new sales channel to reach users who have already expressed an interest in crowdfunding and the projects. While platform access is free for Acorn founders, we will also accept innovative 3rd party products for a small commission. The aim is to add value to the marketplace, Acorn founders and the OAK token, in the form of increased utility.

Acorn Local

In order for Acorn platform to have a real and positive impact on the economies they operate in, the strategy for the developing countries is to actively foster access on a local and regional level. Conceivably, a product of this will be communities where the number and concentration of post-funded Acorn projects is particularly high. Acorn aims to provide a simple payments app in these areas that allow consumers, retailers and suppliers to trade using OAK. This can give backers and founders added utility for tokens and the advantage of secure currency exchange afforded by blockchain.


The Pre-Sale Phase was supposed to last for a period of several weeks but it ended faster, reaching the sale cap of USD 5M.

The Main ICO phase will also last for a period of several weeks and is scheduled to take place in March – April 2018. The token will be priced at 1 OAK = USD 1.40, with a funding target of USD 50M and a stretch goal of USD 100M in ETH equivalent. The final OAK vs ETH exchange rate will be fixed when ICO begins, to protect intended USD raise target.


Every new web platform faces the same problem. A lack of early adopters results in an empty platform, low interaction and a downward spiral. Acceleration of acquisition is critical to competing effectively within an established market.

Acorn have already introduced a fee structure and market access policy that creates much better value for founders and competes with established platforms. This is a virtuous circle where zero fees and open access drive great projects, more backers and more viral growth.

Acorn wants to accelerate this growth further. They intend to create mechanisms that encourage platform growth and stability, generating better value for early stakeholders, project founders and backers. This is a quality project backed up by a professional and hard working team. For more information visit

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Written by Brad Chillum

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