Bitcoin Black Friday allows all cryptocurrency

Black Friday is on its way and its profile has risen a lot in recent years. Meanwhile, the same has happened with Bitcoin Black Friday. On Thursday, November 24, Americans and many other countries fire up smartphones, tablets, laptops and start searching Black Friday bargains. The credit card is commonly used, but for the past few years bitcoin has also become an option.

Jon Holmquist is the crypto enthusiast who launched Bitcoin Black Friday. This happened in 2012 as means of raising awareness for bitcoin. Since most of people who shop online heard of bitcoin, this event kept growing in size, apart from raising awareness. This year Jon has decided to welcome all cryptocurrencies, saying that “While the title of the event is still Bitcoin Black Friday, I think other digital currency communities should be able to participate”.

This means that any merchant who accepts any cryptocurenncy can be listed for Bitcoin Black Friday. Of course, the main dilemma is still here. Should people spend or hold on to their coins? If you decide on spending, there are more deals than ever to be bought with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Black Friday is celebrated by big companies like Overstoc, Spendabit, Etsy and many others. Small companies also joined the event and almost all of them are listed on .

There are many deals to be found, and if you are interested you should make sure to have a good internet search on the 24th of November. You may find some really awesome deals and be able to pay for them with any cryptocurrency you want!

Written by Brad Chillum

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