Bitcoin hits again 7500 USD

One week ago bitcoin was 7500 USD. But it has been a week of extreme volatility for it and bitcoin prices declined to $5,500 during the weekend. The reason was the cancellation of the Segwit2x fork that led the investors in a massive sell-off. That coincided with tremendous gains for Bitcoin Cash.

On Monday, bitcoin price was trading back above $6,500 following an inverse Bitcoin Cash sell-off. Thus, the alternative cryptocurrency drop by 22$ in a single day. Bitcoin price climbed above $7,000 on Wednesday, leading the charge for a bullish crypto-market that hit a record all-time high above $217 billion.

That continued momentum has stuck, as bitcoin prices climbed back above $7,500 during Thursday’s trading. It reached a new 7-day high of $7,558 on Bitfinex. At the time of publishing, bitcoin price is trading to the dollar at $7,460. And to sum it up, bitcoin price has gained nearly 13% since the turn of Wednesday’s trading and is up 39% from its lowest point on Sunday.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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