Bitcoin raises fears among Nobel laureates and leading economists!

Nobel laureate Robert J. Shiller stated:

     “Bitcoin, it’s just absolutely exciting. You’re fast. You’re smart. You’ve figured out nobody else understands. You’re with it. And bitcoin has this anti-government, anti-regulation feel. It’s such a wonderful story. If it were only true.”

     Nobel laureates, leading economists and bankers truly understand and fear the disruptive nature of bitcoin. Its decentralized structure threatens the very existence of central banks and the global fiat-based monetary system. But people mustn’t forget that the central banks and the monetary system are the core of so many problems people face. Debt, stress, total lack of money, hunger, economic crises, this is just a few things we, people all around the world, are getting from the system.

     Fortunately, bitcoin disrupts the entire worldview of these conventional economists and the system of finance. The bitcoin market has proven this for nine years. Decentralization and transparency has provided security value to the Bitcoin network and the currency. Thus, it has evolved into a $183 billion market within a decade.

     Shiller claimed that bitcoin has an anti-government and regulation “feel.” It becomes normal for economists like Shiller to persistently claim that governments have the authority to outlaw or shut down the Bitcoin network. But you shouldn’t be scared! This is completely inaccurate! Take the word of the ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees, who notably said on tweeter:

“Why does Bitcoin keep growing? Because it’s time to separate money and state.”

     Bitcoin is a viable replacement of the global banking and fiat system because it eliminates money and state. Bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrencies eliminate an important source of power for governments. That is the leverage over reserve currencies. With it, governments have absolute control over the current financial system. However, bitcoin eliminates the manipulation of the global finance market through a currency that exists peer-to-peer. Bitcoin already manages to bring back power and freedom to the people. And by being adopted by even more people, we may finally see a society where the system actually works for the people, not against!

     After 9 years governments such as the US, Japan, South Korea, and Russia still haven’t banned bitcoin. Instead, leading governments and countries have implement strict regulations, in order to oversee the rapidly growing bitcoin market. At this phase, the probability of governments attempting to outlaw or ban bitcoin is close to zero. Any form of aggressive regulation will lead to the bitcoin market moving underground. And this is significantly more difficult to regulate. So even in the worst case scenario, bitcoin will still survive.

     Maybe for the first time ever people all across the world can work and fight together for one thing. This is what bitcoin does, it gives the opportunity to all people to get together. All that people need to do is just to adopt bitcoin. And the people will than have something we haven’t had in a long while: a system which serves the people. The time for a change is now, so what are you waiting for? We will still face risks along the way, but sometime sacrifice has to be made for the greater good. And all this can be achieved while sitting on your sofa. No need for wars, no need for violence, no need for blood to be shed, all we need is for the people to come together!

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Written by Brad Chillum

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