Bitnymex – The Most Advanced Trading Platform

Bitnymex is a cryptocurrency trading platform which was established in 2017, letting its users exchange Bitcoin and other important altcoins, offering a smooth trading experience even for customers that are just starting out in the crypto market. The exchange is very focused on providing a user-friendly interface to enable ease of use, high-end security features, and immediate customer support.

The founding members of Bitnymex are avid supporters and users of cryptocurrencies and have all graduated IIT. Before establishing this exchange, they have created various products that were used in helping consumers make decisions in commerce.

About Bitnymex

This trading platform has up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin along with high leverage on other cryptocurrency contracts. The exchange enables users to trade without imposing any expiry dates. It also has the highest Bitcoin/USD liquidity than all the other exchanges out there, with 150%, making it the most liquid in the world. Bitnymex uses the same technology which investment banks and hedge funds employ in the trading of their funds in a secure and fast manner. Their trading engine audits the balances and history of all accounts 100 times each second. The exchange is hugely focused on safety, using high-end security policies, with the latest multi-factor authentication measures, so the stored assets remain safe at all times. Thanks to this, Bitnymex never lost any Bitcoins in a hacking attack like other platforms. Bitnymex is a new crypto exchange that puts great emphasis on security and customer service, being a firm believer that cryptocurrencies should be accessible to everyone. Website:

Contact :  [email protected]

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Written by Brad Chillum

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