Bitstamp plans to list Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitstamp plans to list Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading pairs at the end of November.

Bitstamp revealed its decision to list Bitcoin Cash this past September due to “high levels of customer demand.”

According to, Nejc Kodric (CEO of Bitstamp) stated:

Listing bitcoin cash is part of our efforts to list more currencies and respond to the demand we have seen.

Trading support is available for all currencies we offer as long as there is market demand for it.

Since starting out in 2011, our mission has been to be the safest and most reliable digital currency exchange on the market — our watchwords have always been stability and organic growth, and this mentality has served us well.

Having already set solid foundations for Bitstamp’s long-term future, we now feel the time is right to take the next step towards fulfillment of our vision and press ahead with the addition of further trading pairs and services.

There is an extensive list of criteria that we take into consideration — Most importantly, we list cryptocurrencies that meet our customers’ demands, our technological and liquidity requirements, and finally, currencies that are consistent with our long-term vision.

Given the latest developments, BCH will most likely register a monetary inflow. This will probably lead to an increase of the price.

The fact that BCH is still stable and the price fluctuates quite a little lately leads us to the conclusion that the currency wants to remain a pillar on the market and to develop further.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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