Blockchain is also for business!

It’s already known that blockchain technology is the base for cryptocurrencies. The reason is its ability to store large amounts of unchangeable data in a transparent manner. And this means that blockchain could also be a great tool for any business. But at this early moment, non-technical people see blockchain as difficult to understand. Thus, it hasn’t taken over the business world just yet.

Michela Menting, the digital security research director at ABI Research, stated:
“The advantage of blockchain is that it can provide an immutable ledger, offering both transparency and integrity, cemented securely using cryptography. As such, it can be useful for anti-fraud purposes, but also for continuity in business operations”.

According to the company, blockchain can be described as a public ledger. It makes use of digital signatures and cryptography to keep an unchangeable record of transactions. Because blockchain is decentralized, it allows for direct and safe business transactions between people, without the middle man, especially tempting in the financial sector. It is also a great way to eliminate fraud because changing a record in any way will be seen by everyone. Although it is still not completely immune to security risks, it is pretty close. Another great use of blockchain is the implementation of smart contracts. These provide an autonomous method of communication by making payments and recording data.

There are definitely many advantages when it comes to using blockchain for businesses. However, businesses should not just jump on it without doing some research first. Some types of the industries would definitely benefit from blockchain more than others. Hopefully, more industries will see the potential of blockchain and implement it. There are very high chances that these industries will be better, faster and safer.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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