Byzantium Blockchain Software Upgrade Implemented

At 05.22 UTC, another hard fork took place on Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap. A number of Ethereum improvement protocols (EIPs) were implemented in order to improve the platform.

The upgrade is known since 2015 when it was introduced on Ethereum roadmap as Metropolis. Because of the complexity, the upgrade suffered several delays and recently it was broken intro two phazes: Byzantium and Constantinople (unofficial sources state that the latter will be released until the end of 2019).

Even though the developers found criticals bugs in the code, they managed to push out corrections in time so Byzantium fork could continue as planned.

The Byzantium phaze had minimal changes leading to almost no disagreements among the community.

This is the only Ethereum major upgrade in 2017 and is very important because of the growing popularity of ICO tokens launched on ethereum’s platform.

Until now, everything is running smooth  and the developers are celebrating the implementation of the EIPs on social media.

According to different exchanges, the price per dollar of Ether reached a high of $350 shortly after the upgrade.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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