China is allowing ICO’s again

Unconfirmed sources indicate that in the coming period ICO’s will be again possible on the Chinese market.

According to, China is once again allowing ICO’s to make use of China’s market, under one condition however.

This condition is NEO must be used as a smart assets platform when conducting the ICO. This is because NEO is a Chinese open source public chain platform and it is not a secret that China prefers to keep things in Chinese hands.

After China’s ban on ICO’s, it has been quiet for a while. Even though that the most logical outcome would have been what now seems to come true. Which is that NEO will be leading China’s block-chain and cryptocurrency future. The company behind NEO, Onchain, has been in direct contact with the Chinese government for a while now.

Right now there are several Chinese ICO’s announced that will use NEO as its platform. There is also an ongoing ‘Decentralised applications’ (dApp) competition, that is looking for possibilities to combine its dApp(s) with NEO. These announcements come right after China has had its 19th Communist Party Congress. During this congress the Chinese Communist Party, strengthened its power by standing behind its leader: Xi Jinping. His vision of China is an optimistic one, where China is the new world leader. The world leader, especially in fields such as innovation and technology.

NEO has put up and announcement in Chinese. According to Chinese sources, this is the type of ‘hype’ announcement which can be categorized as mysterious.

In this mysterious announcement, it says that in 3 days NEO will give us some news. This news will most likely regarding the future of NEO as a whole.

The recent news have pumped the price of NEO. According to Coincap, in the last 24 hours the price of NEO rised with 38%.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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