CoinMetro – The Tokenized Exchange Platform built by Traders to simplify Crypto

Featuring a simple interface designed for mainstream adoption, the CoinMetro platform plans to serve as a conduit between traditional finance and the digital asset economy. CoinMetro’s multifaceted ecosystem will streamline three major components of the digital economy, offering:

1- An exchange

2- A trading platform

3- A complete ICO Express framework

Integral to CoinMetro is the relationship to their strategic partner, FXPIG, an established Forex broker. FXPIG’s proven track record and experience in providing financial services will help CoinMetro to deliver its planned “Token Buyback Program”. The Token Buyback Program is one of the ways CoinMetro will look to initially stabilize the price of COIN and support market growth.

Working in tandem with FXPIG, CoinMetro plans to offer a wide range of services previously unavailable from a single entity. A scalable, user-focused environment will let new traders invest in cryptocurrencies with a few clicks on the exchange, while their trading platform will be equipped with a robust tool-set, designed to meet the needs of professional investors. Their vision for the CoinMetro ecosystem encourages growth and collaboration, intending to provide companies with a turnkey ICO Express solution to undergird project development.

By establishing stable banking relationships CoinMetro aspires to offer fast and secure payment processing in both cryptocurrencies and fiat. In addition to a full spectrum of familiar features, CoinMetro plans to implement a unique rewards program for COIN purchasers and custom trading solutions, carefully configured to fit the contours of the digital asset economy.

The forex industry is going to fundamentally change crypto and CoinMetro with FXPIG are leading that change. Also, looking at the team, there is confidence that they will manage to pull it of. Each core member of the CoinMetro team comes from an enterprise-level background in the financial sector and related fields. Their vision is based on the foundation of having already built a successful business in this space, and the desire to create a bridge between existing institutions and the digital asset ecosystem. While blockchain technology is undoubtedly going to change the way we do business across many industries, they believe that basic business principles still apply when developing consumer applications in the blockchain space.

Designed for mainstream adoption, the CoinMetro platform will be an all-in-one solution for crypto, geared towards maximizing client value. CoinMetro promises to deliver a rock-solid, user-focused framework that offers unparalleled mobility between blockchain based digital assets and traditional markets.

Their ICO is live and they have already raised 11 million EUR from almost 6000 contributors. In the event that CoinMetro doesn’t sell all available COIN, unsold COIN will be permanently eliminated and will not be circulated/sold. For more information about them visit .

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Written by Brad Chillum

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