Cryptocurrency Market Recovers $17 Billion

     Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies saw a brief crash yesterday, which ended up with some $35 billion drained out of the total market capital. It was heavily speculated that the most recent ICO ban from China might be the cause.

     As of right now, the top 3 exchanges that are trading Bitcoin are KRW, CNY and JPY with 20% of Bitcoin’s daily trading volume today, while the biggest US exchange is at 9%.

     With Ethereum recovering over 17% of its losses from the past few days, the market and community seems to be preparing for the best in the upcoming Metropolis Hard Fork, which could be happening later this month. The Metropolis hard fork will be split into two core releases, Byzantium and Constantinople. The Byzantium release is scheduled to implement on September 22nd.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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