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Current web service providers limit organization accounts to only support a single owner who is granted unlimited access to add and remove users and manage the account and all resources. We see this in services like Github, Stripe, Heroku and thousands more. This kind of account or organization structure cannot work for future decentralized organizations where there may not be a single owner or leader, no trust and no headquarters.

This is a fundamental issue that needs to be solved before decentralized, effortcentric internet organization is possible.

The Mission

The team behind ELLCRYS project is on a mission to create a new kind of organization structure that does not only allow for trust-less, leader-less software collaboration, but one that allows open source communities create real, honest businesses that solves real-world problems. Organizations that can compete with todays centrally administered businesses in terms of efficiency, scalability and impact.

Discover ELLCRYS

Ellcrys is a blockchain that allows people around the world to build open, community-owned software products and democratic internet organizations. People from anywhere can offer their skills to an Ellcrys organization, participate in decision making processes, receive rewards for their contributions and gain reputation within the network.

The Solution

On Ellcrys, a git repository is the centre of all collaborative endeavours. It is an organization. By default, it is multiowned, meaning there is no owner, no leader, no need for trust and no headquarter. Anyone can fetch its content, push contributions, verify and vote for pull requests and other proposals. A repository can receive payment for service offered or a donation. Contributors can collectively decide a revenue sharing and management model unique to a repository.

Implementing the first Source-Level DAO platform

A Source-Level DAO (SDAO) is a democratic enterprise where a decentralized source code repository is the epicentre of all collaboration and governance activities.

Source-Level DAOs go beyond holding tokens for investing and voting on rules set in a smart contract. They are a living, constantly evolving repositories that allow anyone in the world to contribute their skills (coding, design, testing etc) to a shared goal.

Source-Level DAO are organizations with no hierarchy or central office. There are no bosses or managers and so on. Everyone can have a say in the direction and actions of the organization. Collaborators engage in decision making processes through a proposal creation and voting scheme.

Ecosystem & Marketplace

For any community-driven project to work, there is need for an ecosystem composed of people and entities contributing in different way towards a shared goal of success. A Source-Level DAO is just an entity in possession of source codes. Without a thriving ecosystem, it is no different from repositories on Github or Bitbucket. For example:

  • Cloud infrastructure providers can help SDAOs deploy and make web applications accessible from the browser. They can also provide access to other services like database, DNS, logging etc.
  • Payment gateway providers can help SDAOs accept credit/debit cards, automatically buy the native coin and pay them to SDAO accounts.
  • Marketing firms can offer marketing products to SDAOs to help them gain more exposure and customers.
  • Human resource firms can provide temporal staffs to perform duties that require physical human intervention.

….and many more!


The first Source-Level DAO platform is currently being built by an experienced and enthusiastic team based in Africa.

When you consider the state of political and corporate governance in the continent you’ll understand the need for SDAO to level organization hierarchy and make them intrinsically democratic.

The ELLCRYS team has been working on variations of this project for the last 3 years.

The Pre-Sale will be hosted between February 1st and March 1st 2018.

The ICO will take place between March 30st and April 30st 2018.

If you want to learn more about the innovating project that is currently beeing developed by ELLCRYS you can visit

Written by Brad Chillum

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