Ethereum studio ConsenSys opens European Hub in London

Ethereum design studio ConsenSys is expanding its global physical presence by opening a hub in London, in the heart of the technology hotbed of “Silicon Roundabout”.

According to, The London hub has space for 60 ConsenSys members and sponsored projects. The firm already has major hubs in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Dubai, Singapore and Brisbane.

ConsenSys, which has quadrupled in size to 450 employees in 27 countries over the past 12 months, is quickly emerging as one of the fastest growing technology firms globally, driven by the rapid adoption of the Ethereum blockchain, said a statement.

Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys founder and Ethereum co-founder, said:

“The European Hub signifies not only our commitment to servicing and investing in key European enterprises, governments, and partners, but also a recognition of the depth of blockchain talent and entrepreneurship in London and across Europe.”

In launching the European Hub, ConsenSys is bringing each ‘pillar’ of its innovative mesh-services model to Europe.

Julio Faura, Head of Innovation and Research & Development at Banco Santander and Chairman of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance said:

“I am delighted to see ConsenSys’ commitment to Europe. ConsenSys has been an incredible asset, both to Banco Santander and to the global blockchain community. It has been a true partnership together, and at Banco Santander we benefit greatly from working directly with the authors of many of the key Ethereum technologies and tools who reside at ConsenSys.”

ConsenSys will engage with leaders of industry and government in Europe to illustrate the transformative potential of blockchain technology, develop open and enterprise ready platforms built on Ethereum blockchain technology, and provide insights as to how decentralised organisations can innovate and operate successfully.

ConsenSys Chief of Staff and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance co-founder Jeremy Millar, based in London, said:

 “European blockchain start-ups will have the opportunity to join the ConsenSys mesh as ‘spoke projects’ in our European Hub or work with ConsenSys Token Foundry and ConsenSys Ventures on developing their projects.”

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Written by Brad Chillum

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