Future is Now: Ethereum for E-Commerce is coming soon

The Elementh Foundation opens a new era of e-commerce, making global trading clearer and more convenient for all participants of the market. It employs blockchain to create the first e-commerce infrastructure where sellers and customers become interconnected. Just as Ethereum for ICO, Elementh is going to become infrastructure for e-commerce – a standard which makes interaction easier and more efficient.

Nowadays even the best e-commerce solutions can not remove serious restrictions for business, for example, lack or real-time data on ownership of goods. We offer an environment where such data are available for operating by all participants of the global market. In this way, an open decentralized database with actual and historical information on all goods worldwide is being created. To avoid excessive multiple cards of the same goods, a unified classification of products is applied. For example, many suppliers offer totally identical products, and all of them are registered within one card.

Creation and maintenance of a chain of ownership transfer related to a particular product has never been so simple and clear. By aggregating all available data, Elementh creates unified ownership structure of goods, preserving visible authenticity for the entire network.

Many well-known companies spend billions of dollars for solving counterfeit problems. For example, during four years (from 2012 to 2016) Alibaba Group spent $2.4 million to get rid of fake goods and protect its reputation. Just imagine how much money was paid to solve the problem that could be avoided by using Elementh solution.

The Elementh Foundation’s mission is clear: Create the global transparent e-commerce environment. Partners and investors still have chance to take part in its development. The ICO started on the 1st of April 2018, with a first day bonus of 30%.

Launch of the Elementh blockchain is planned for December 2018. The new era in the global e-commerce begins sooner than this year ends.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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