GPU Mining brings big profits for GPU manufacturers

     The 2017 cryptocurrency market rally and subsequent GPU mining boom have created near-insatiable demand for graphics cards, leading many to question whether Nvidia and ADM should be concerned if the market takes a bearish turn. However, market analysts say that these GPU manufacturing giants have little to worry about because blockchain mining will be an “important driver” for growth moving forward.

     Just last month, a new line of graphics cards–the AMD Vega 56–sold out in 5 minutes on almost every major online marketplace, forcing computer gamers to pay far over MSRP for access to the latest hardware. At the height of ethereum’s price rally earlier this year, demand for GPUs was so great that ethereum miners began leasing Boeing 747s to ship the processors directly from the manufacturers.

     This rapacious thirst for graphics processors has led to a surge in Nvidia and AMD stock prices. Although both companies maintain that their primary focus is the gaming market, each has taken steps to cater to the mining community. Both are developing stripped-down GPUs designed specifically for mining applications, and AMD has released drivers for cryptocurrency miners.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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