Internet search data shows the remarkable explosion of interest in ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin in 2017

There has been an incredible surge in interest of the three cyptrocurrencies – with a 4,287 per cent increase in searches for litecoin in 2017, statistics from Hitwise Monitor show.

Ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin have seen an explosion of interest this year as their prices have soared.

It analyses the online behaviour of 3 million Britons, using the likes of Google, Bing, and app data. Bitcoin has seen an 819 per cent rise in interest and ethereum 2,371 per cent.

The increase in searches for the cryptocurrencies on the internet are still dwarfed by the percentage growth of each online currency.

The value of both ethereum and litecoin have risen around 7,000 per cent since January to $730 and $321 a coin respectively, while bitcoin – the most familiar of the bunch – is up more than 2,000 per cent to a huge $19,000 a coin.

Bitcoin was created in January 2009, litecoin October 2011 and ethereum July 2015.

The data also shows that the number of people searching for bitcoin has increased 120.3 per cent in the last month – and the price has doubled in three weeks.

Ethereum searches are up 110.2 per cent and litecoin 199.5 per cent.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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