OTPPAY – The Crypto to Fiat Payment Solution

Nowadays, one of the biggest issues that the cryptocurrency market faces is crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto transfer. Using a fiat to crypto exchange leads to extra fees that the buyer is paying. Another issue is the fact that merchants cannot accept cryptocurrency payments without of exposing themselves to the risk of losing a certain amount in USD.
This is where OTPPAY wants to make a change. Their mission is to create a world class cryptocurrency exchange where you can easily transfer fiat to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency to fiat and even fiat to fiat.
OTPPAY thrives to bridge the gap between Crypto to Fiat. Their main focus is to take the crypto to the common people day to day life. Moreover, their protocol will address the Transactions Per Second (TPS) & Cost Per Second (CPS) through value equalization techniques and smart swapping procedures

What Are the OTPPAY’s Main Benefits?

The most important product that OTPPAY will launch is an AI & ML powered cryptocurrency exchange where requests will be solved by a matching engine while offering the lowest fees in the industry. Using a robust architecture built with a mix of PCI-DSS standards and cryptocurrency securities – the exchange medium will be transparent, making OTPPAY standout comparing to the current cryptocurrency exchanges from the market. They also made the buy & sell process way easier with an eKYC verification process, which will allow the user to trade cryptocurrencies in just a matter of seconds. To do that, you will have a variety of ways such as syncing your bank account, use your debit card or your credit card. But one of the most amazing things about OTPPAY is their wallet. As a merchant, you would be able to easily offer a QR code where the clients would pay with cryptocurrencies. And that’s not all, OTPPAY created a NFC payments system for cryptocurrencies. In case none of these help you, you can create your own system using the OTPPAY open API – which can easily be implemented by anyone.

And keep calm, if you’ll need cash at some time – OTPPAY wallet also have a lending option where you can lend between 2x and 5x of your total monthly sales, as a short time credit. In order to lend cryptocurrency from OTPPAY – you would need a good Crypto Credit Rating – which is calculated according to your transaction, feedback from clients and other conditions.

Written by Brad Chillum

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