Parity intends to offer multiple solutions for the frozen wallets

Three weeks ago, Parity saw $160 million in cryptocurrency code frozen, and still no solution has been found.

According to coindesk, an escalating debate is developing on public chat channels about how to best correct the issue, and more notably, how to avoid resetting the history of the entire ethereum blockchain in what amounts to a network-wide software update to do so.

Recently, a Parity representative said that discussions are likely to advance soon.

It’s unclear at this point whether the conversation among other ethereum community members will impact Parity’s proposal, but writing on the channel yesterday, representative Afri Schoedon asked for a summary of the discussion, stating:

“Parity will be discussing proposals this week probably. But I want to be aware of any other proposals.”

According to rumors on the thread, one Parity member is working on a fix that would entail changes to the ethereum virtual machine (EVM) to order the lost wallets to “un-self-destruct.”

Although unconfirmed, the proposal has been a point of contention for Johnston, who told CoinDesk it would “change an important invariant” in the EVM, leading to “unexpected bugs, even in already-deployed contracts.”

However, Afri Schoedon assured that:

 Going forward, Parity intends to offer not one proposal, but multiple, deferring to the community to decide what’s acceptable or desired. We will probably add two or three own proposals to the stack.

Written by Brad Chillum

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