PARKGENE: the peer to peer, “Airbnb like”, parking system

Imagine a world where your car takes you to your destination and drives away to go to park itself. Imagine a world where your car can pay for parking using its digital wallet, completely on its own. This is what PARKGENE is here for!


PARKGENE is a 100% subsidiary of PARKGURU LTD (UK) that successfully operates a service for the parking industry (, providing easy access for on-street and offstreet parking to drivers. PARKGENE has developed a platform for parking, based on blockchain technology, that connects private parking owners with drivers («Airbnb for Parking»). Thus, PARKGENE is a decentralized ecosystem where parking owners and drivers meet to conclude short-term or long-term parking rental contracts.

Why do we need this?

PARKGENE, based on smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain, will eliminate the dependence on centralized systems between the transaction participants, and will significantly reduce the cost of parking for drivers, while offering an alternative source of income to parking owners. PARKGENE provides innovative approaches, openness, convenience and ease of use to enable the parking industry and its stakeholders to raise the quality of urban life to a whole new level.

The main advantages they bring on the market are the additional sources of revenue for individuals and businesses and relieving drivers from the stress of finding parking by creating a parking spot supply, which is not available to the market today. This can be translated into reduced city traffic levels. Furthermore, they have a cheaper and dynamic pricing model and they use the existing infrastructure, eliminating the need to build new parking lots. Private spots will be possible as well, without the need of leaving your keys to a parking attendant.

PARKGENE are the ones who have solutions to the biggest problems their competitors are facing. They provide:

  • Security and transparency;

  • Compliance with regulations;

  • Global Marketing;

  • Scaling;

  • User motivation and Engagement.

Their vision is to disrupt the traditional (mainly offline) parking industry, sized at $100 billion annually, and to provide drivers with a better parking experience, while helping cities become smarter and environmentally friendly.

How does it work?

PARKGENE aims to make parking in cities twice as easy and ten times as cheap. How? They will establish the GENE token as a payment method for the automotive industry, allowing drivers to pay for parking and integrating it with mobility services, vehicles and automotive infrastructure. Another important aspect is that PARKGENE is not just a platform that connects individuals for parking to transact with each other, using the GENE token. It can also connect professional parking services, municipalities and automotive related domains (car wash, tolls, automotive service, parts, insurance).

They have a strong team with a very well built project and a great idea which is bound to be a success. Their Pre-ICO closed round is live and their ICO will take place from 15th January 2018 to 19th February 2018.

The ICO will be open to anyone with no minimum amount of investment.

If you want to contribute follow this link

For more information visit

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Written by Brad Chillum

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