Robin8 Blockchain Project Will Secure and Tokenize Your Personal Data and build a Decentralized Profile-Based Economy

December 11, 2017. Singapore. Robin8 is launching a Blockchain based profile utility token (PUT) project to give control of the profile back to the owner and empower the user with their own data. The PUT will help advertisers gain access to verified consumer data to create targeted strategies, while protecting the privacy of consumers. The company has officially announced its pre-sale for its token sale and plans to announce its token sale later this month.

“Unlike the existing paradigms, PUT can shift digital marketing standards by giving the user back their privacy and control of their personal data while monetizing it further by incentivizing them to share this data with advertisers,” says Hassan Miah, CTO and co-founder of Robin8. “The use of Blockchain introduces a method of protecting the profile owner, recording all the actions of the users and verifying the data advertisers receive.”

“In the advertising industry today, the number one concern for advertisers is fake data. Many marketers are not sure what information on user reach and engagement is real or not. Blockchain technology could authenticate the information that is shared by both users and influencers to advertisers,” says Miranda Tan, CEO and founder of Robin8.

Users will use the Robin8 mobile app to interact with influencers and advertisers while using PUT within the ecosystem. Influencers will be paid for sponsored content. Users can also can earn money or points by sharing their own social media data with advertisers directly. PUT is a decentralized profile exchange that connects consumers, marketers and influencers together providing benefits and opportunities for all stakeholders.

Robin8, the leading influencer search engine and marketplace in China, profiles, ranks and matches advertisers to influencers with the use of big data and AI. The company is the first platform in China that allows anyone to understand their social data from a wide range of social media sites. Robin8 trains machines to profile, rank and match people with brands to achieve better advertising return on investment (ROI). In addition, the company provides an automated system for tracking, transparency, third-party digital advertising verification, social media and e-commerce measurement, and data management.

Founded in 2015, Robin8 has an existing platform, growing global client base and growing revenue. To date, the company has profiled over 30 million users from across 13 social media platforms, has acquired over 250,000 users in its app and marketplace store and has completed over 5,000+ influencer campaigns. Clients include Unilever, Galaxy Macau, Mead Johnson, Metlife, Emaar, Travelzoo, Porsche, Macy’s, United Students, Star Alliance, Ruder Finn, Mars, Tumblr, Edelman, Dentsu, OmnicomMediaGroup, Publicis Media and WPP. The company has raised over $3M USD from leading venture capitalists including VFortune, Triumph Capital, Linear VC, 365, MyTech Venture Capital, Pre-Angel and SOS Ventures.

The company is founded by leading experts in big data, digital media, PR, marketing and AI. In 2016, Robin8 was named Top 10 Content Marketing Solutions Provider by Tech Insights. In addition, the company won numerous awards including Publicis 90, Demo China 2016 and China Bang Winner 2016 Company Founded by Expat. To get to know our management team please visit

Please download our whitepaper and presentation on To find answers to frequently asked questions please visit and our Reddit forum can learn more about our distribution plan at If you have additional questions, want to learn how to participate in the token sale, and receive updates please join us on Telegram at

Written by Brad Chillum

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