US campaign aims to raise money for bail fund by using cryptocurrency

A project in the United States is seeking to gather funds for people unable to afford bail by using cryptocurrencies.

The project, known as Bail Bloc, encourages volunteers to install an app on their computer where a cryptocurrency quietly accumulates using spare processing power.

Bail Bloc co-creator Maya Binyam said:

It’s important to remember that no one that is in jail on bail has been convicted of anything, so there’s really no reason for these people to be detained.

Bail functions primarily as a tool of surveillance and predictive policing. It’s also a tool of coercion.

In an immediate sense, bail can have a very devastating impact. People can lose jobs, custody of children, their immigration status. It also has long-term psychological effects.

So far we have about 450 people who have installed Bail Bloc, and we’ve only been launched for about 36 hours now.

It’s not an efficient fundraising program if only one person is using it. The amount that one person can expect to generate from their own computer is about $3 to $5 per month.

The project is innovative and promising but we will see in the future if it will be successful.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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