Winco ICO – The Only Platform To Connect Non-Digital Businesses

Winco Overview

Winco is the developer of a crypto-friendly platform that merges ventures and businesses outside of the digital sphere with the newest development in blockchain technology, by using an extensive network that brings together companies and startups with promising future developments.

Blockchain technology has been a game changer in the word of transactions, as it enabled them to be done in real time, with fewer costs and in a safer way. The crypto environment is seeing development after development, and the many use cases of blockchain will start to become heavily incorporated in our day to day lives. The decentralized nature of this technology will also enable people to manage their own ventures, reducing involvement from third parties.

What does Winco do and where you can use it

Winco created their platform to help crypto investors have access to real-world based assets and services such as real estate businesses and franchises, seeing as these business sectors produce goods that have inherent value. The platform’s native currency will have various uses in all of the retail industry, enabling users to also have access to the market’s exchanges. The Winco currency lets customers to perform payments on the platform, as well as being used for paying the employees and suppliers of the companies involved.

Winco developed their digital token to have an appliance in different economic sectors and industries that shift daily a huge volume of funds across the world.

Franchise networks are essential for forwarding the public usage of cryptocurrencies, seeing as these companies will be integrated into everyday life by providing solutions which are more facile and efficient.

Winco’s network will add more and more franchises over time, resulting in a broad network. Digital startups bear a great significance for this project, as they will further Winco’s growth, because they would heavily contribute to the improvement of how their token circulates by handling volumes with a great amount of capital.

ICO dates and details

Winco launched this token sale with the purpose of gathering funds for the development of their platform and their token. The ICO will also make the currency more known, which will eventually lead to an increase in its value. Winco has sold 500 million WCO tokens already. The first phase of their Main sale began on February the 19th, their crypto token being sold at $0.07 per token. The token sale ends on March 29th, 2018.

Token Symbol WCO
Token Type ERC20
ICO Start Date 19.02. 2018
ICO End Date 29. 03.2018
Price 0,07 $
Accepted Cryptos BTC, ETH, BCH,
Platform Ethereum
Total Token Supply 7,652,580,800 WCO
Hard Cap $84,000,000 USD
Soft Cap $35,000,000 USD


Winco’s objective is to provide through its token and platform a decentralized solution that can solve the inconveniences that result from regulatory actions. The Winco crypto token will have many uses on the market, as they can get investors from the crypto world into real-world based projects, services, and assets, which would bring in new money into the crypto market.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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