Zcash Sets Roadmap for Blockchain Upgrades

The zcash development team is planning a series of network upgrades for next year, according to a roadmap recently published. Writing on the zcash blog, co-founder Zooko Wilcox and CTO Nathan Wilcox detailed two milestone upgrades – “Overwinter” and “Sapling”. According to the post, the goal of next year’s upgrades is to “further upgrade zcash’s performance, security, and usability.”

The first update, Overwinter, is scheduled to go live in June 2018. This upgrade is focused on “making itself and future network upgrades safer for users, even in the case of governance contention.” Though light on detail at present, the Wilcoxes said that future details about the update would be released in a future blog post.

The second one, set to take place in September, is centered around its “Sapling” protocol, which is aimed at boosting the capability of the cryptocurrency’s privacy-oriented shielded transactions.

As a conclusion, the post suggests that other upgrades may come in the future, including functionality for smart contracts and research into the proof-of-stake algorithm.

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Written by Brad Chillum

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